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October Public Speaking Practice Sessions

Practice your speech before the big day or event. Speakers Alliance can be your test audience and give you unbiased, helpful feedback before you get in front of your real audience!

Each month the Speakers Alliance runs two FREE Public Speaking Practice Sessions for participants looking to improve their public speaking skills. Anyone who wants to practice a presentation, speech, sales pitch, social occasion speech, etc. is welcome to join and participate! If you do not have a speech or pitch prepared, you can still attend and listen to others practice and ask questions during the Q&A period.

Talks can be up to 5-6 minutes long. If you have a longer speech, just pick a portion you want to practice. The panel will provide feedback after your talk.

Here are our scheduled October public speaking practice sessions:

Wednesday, October 13 from 3-4pm PT

Wednesday, October 27 from 3-4pm PT

We will be adding more public speaking practice sessions in November. Follow us on social media for the most up to date announcements.

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