Speaker Resources

All members of the Speakers Alliance receive access to these resources, free:

  • Early access to book chapters: Access a chapter from Gabe Zichermann’s book. Comments welcome!
  • Full slide decks from the course. A great resource to use.
  • Weekly LIVE practice sessions (Zoom): Every week, you get a chance to present in front of an audience and get feedback on your talks.
  • Certification for Completed Courses: Validated industry certification you can add to your Linkedin or resume to help you improve your career. (Coming Soon)
  • Community: Connect with others in the community and learn what it takes to be a great communicator. (Coming Soon)
  • Tech Resources: A curated list of the best and most important tech for speakers.
  • Professional Development. If you’re interested in becoming a paid, public speaker – Speakers Alliance has you covered. (Coming Soon)

To access these and other resources, sign up for one of our courses and use the password you’ve been given for access.